The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden - booksBeneath the sundial in the ancient East Deanery garden Queen Gwathawil’s fairy domain is hidden. There, through passages of golden root lace, lies a hall where time and thought and space are one.

A reclusive English historian, Stephen Eddington, discovers a miniscule and very magical dictionary among the tattered possessions of a 13th century sorcerer.  When his young friend Marie rescues what she thinks is an injured butterfly, then finds it’s a fairy, she and Stephen, passing through the dictionary’s first page, help the stricken fairy — and become the honored allies of Gwathawil’s golden realm.

While Marie explores the material world, flying on her dragonfly, Stephen youthens with wisdom as Vision embroils him in struggles with the darker aspects within himself. Through it all, both he and the child must function in the two worlds of daily life and of spirit perception — and rescue the fairies’ wild, profuse garden from avid gardeners with historical renovation in mind.

The Fairy Garden was inspired by Katherine Ann Wynne’s meeting in 1976 with Stephen Tennant who impressed her with Fairy Garden Sundialthe strange and beautiful world that was all of his own fashioning. It was only long after The Fairy Garden was written (in 1977 — although it has only seen publication in 2013) that she discovered that Mr. Tennant as a child was the inspiration for Colin in The Secret Garden and, in his youth, Sebastian in Brideshead Revisited.

Wynne is an art dealer and writer, The Fairy Garden was her first venture into writing fantasy in novel length. Her other works include short stories, art books and art feature stories for newspaper and magazine publications.

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